january 2010

isn't it awful when every update on a page starts with the following words: here's an overdue update...
unfortunately, this is yet another one of these ¬_¬

keeping the same structure as in the post of april 2008, here's what's changed:

JLPT level 1: done and dusted in december 2008. that was some hard work, my score is not exactly overwhelming but a pass is a pass (is a pass).

LPIC level 1: also done and dusted. i'm working on the Ubuntu Certified Professional certification now. progress is slow but unsteady ^_^

mandarin is coming along nicely. i'll soon be done with another textbook so i'm starting to think about a language test to get a certficate.

me have blog now *drums chest*. the first two post are are a microphone and an encoding test but more will follow. the blog will be a mix of mindstuff and the starting page but i won't have to update links manually. this leaves me with a lot of stuff to update from the older site. you can find the blog at http://blog.mindfall.net - i'm working on an update of the navigation at the moment


got feedback? send me an e-mail to mindfall903 -the roundish sign in mails- mindfall.net

ki o tsukete!

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thanks everyone!

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