a question of principles?

this is the true story of a palastinian woman who was trained to be one of these infamous suicide bomb carriers. she completed the training and was ready to blow herself up in public. she was asked to wear her hair openly and to apply makeup so she'd look like an israelian woman. but she couldn't do that because her religion does not allow that. instead she went to the police and told her story.

how paranoid can you be? you're ready to blow up other people and yourself but you wouldn't wear makeup and your hair open!
i'm not saying islam is bad. and i'm not saying the jews are doing fine.
the situation hasn't been black and white for a long time in the middle east. and no one has a blank sheet anymore. not the palastinians nor the jews.
i'm not gonna comment the situation down there since i don't have sufficient knowledge.

my point is: you must be pretty confused (or brainwashed) if you value your hairdo higher than the live of other people.

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