my understanding of people so far (06.12.2002)

so far i've discovered the following rules about people. these rules are not very helpful but since they haven't been stated anywhere where i have been looking here we go.

about people's look:

-almost all people look better from a distance than from up close
-very few people look good / beautiful from up close
-99% of humanity looks better with clothes on
-those that look good without clothes live far away from you

about people's behavior:

-everyone (even your friends) will let you down once in a while. it's inevitable
-you can't trust anyone, not even yourself
-wherever you go, whatever company you're in, you cannot escape what you bring along (whatever this is depends on your personality, it could be an air of success or turn people into nitwits)
-most peope are incapable of thinking five meters ahead when walking. in big crowds, people cannot think more than one meter ahead. watch people in crowded trainstations and you'll know what i mean
-the biggest motivator is still and will ever be greed and sex drive.

i'm not a religious person but i wish i could pray to an entity that this was not the truth and people were actually better. but they're not.
in the year 2000 i turned 25. we will presumably run out of oil in 2040, by my estimation even earlier because earth's population will grow even bigger until then. when that happens i'll be around 65 years old, a sub-average ago nowadays and i'm afraid i'll live to see that day. i don't wanna know what this place will look like then, i can only hope that no one is correct about re-incarnation...

as always, if you want to contribute or if you don't agree with me, drop me an e-mail

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