march 2002

my life at the end of march 2002, a resume:

- i wasn't that slim and fit for a at least five years
- i know more about computers than i ever did before
- from a technical point of view (speed) i can play the guitar better than ever
- i passed a hard test this week
- the weather outside is outstanding this week
- i am as independent as i was never before
- i have saved quite some money, all by myself
- i'm in love
-on sunday, i'll go on vacation

- if some idiot runs me over or the plane crashes down it's all lost. sooner or later this webpage would disappear, all my belongings would go to my parents, all my abilities would die with me. the only lasting thing would be a cd with songs from our band but they'd find a replacement for me soon.

clearly, the positive side is much stronger. but it's somehow frightening that whatever we do will be ashes sooner or later. nothing lasts.
maybe it's better that way....

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