one of the things i can't stand is littering. people thowing thrash out of their cars, throwing cigarette butts to the ground and all that.
sometimes in marchi was standing in front of a supermarket where i had just bought some fuit juice instead of a decent dinner. one of the things i absolutely refuse to do is eating while walking so i took the time to enjoy this tropical mix of fruit juice. it even contained several vitamins which we are told are healthy!
a little girl stepped out of the supermarket. she was probably not much older than five years and not much taller than her roller. in her hands she held some sweets. i don't know exactly what it was and it doesn't really matter.
what matters is that she was so eager on eating that stuff that she just ripped the emballage away and threw it to the ground. she didn't even take her eyes off that sweets for that. three meters away was a thrash can but she didn't care and left and just left.
another example?
another city, another supermarket. i was waiting for my brother to pick me up.
a car stopped in front of the supermarket, passengers were a father and (presumably) his son. the father handed his son some money and junior went buying a multipack of cigarettes in the supermarket. being back, he sat into the car, ripped of the folio around the cigarettes and threw it under the car. just like that.
a few minutes later he walked to the trainstation, 50 meters from the supermarket. there are tens of trash cans....
i was very sad to see that and also very close to point this out these two.

what do parents teach their kids nowadays?
how ignorant will humanity become?
how much can you distance yourself from the planet you where born on and will die on?
the scary part is the alienation that these people go through... i can't imagine what it is and how intense. but i don't suppose these people litter at home too. so they must think whatever is not their place is just free to (ab)use. a real pity... the native americans, the indians, had a much better concept: they believed that earth does not belong to anyone and treated earth with much more respect. that's the way it should be!

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