cookies (17.02.2002)

a few weeks ago i caught myself thinking something that really surprised me... which is a surprise in itself. (hint: try to surprise with yourself and see whether you could anticipate that! see what i mean?)
anyway, what i wanted to say: i was buying food in a supermarket. i usually buy some more stuff for the weekend that also lasts throughout the week so during the week i only have to get some fresh bread but o/w i'm usually settled.
i was standing in front of the cookies shelf (for a change we're not talking about server cookies, software cookies, programming and stuff!). we're talking biscuits, kekse, cookies, guetzlis and so on.
so i was looking around in the shelf and tried to remember whether i still had cookies at home or not. i couldn't remember so i just grabbed a package of cookies i like and thought (here it comes): i'll take these JUST TO MAKE SURE.
after walking a few steps i wondered what i was to 'just make sure'. just to make sure i have enough food at home apart from noodles, rice, deep-frozen pizzas, ice cream, bread, cheese, soups? or just to make sure i have my favourite kind of cookies at home and wouldn't have to eat any i don't like?

here's the conclusion: how saturated can you get in a first world country? is it a bad thing you have to eat cookies that are not your favourites?
other people would give a lot just to have simple cookies....

btw: go to your local supermarket and try to find some cookies without chocolate on it! you think it's easy? go see for yourself!

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