emotions 2

in the meantime, the person i was writing about here, knows what's going on. she also read this text which means I HAD A VISITOR ON THIS PAGE! :-D
we talked about our situation.
it's a very bad timing and all. but i'm not put off easily. the reasons why i fell in love in first place are many and they haven't changed. and so haven't my feelings.
why should they? this person is a 9 out of 10 and finding a 10 out of 10 might be burdensome, nay, probably impossible.

back to the original text:

what to do if you have feelings for someone and you'd like to tell that person so much how you feel but you can't because by doing so you'd destroy more than you'd gain?

praying? (i'm not a religious person)

there's even more to it:
what if you know that person well, you're given a lot of details of that person's life by that person and on one hand you're glad you're trusted so much but can't really share your pain with that person because your feelings are about exactly that person who trusts you?

more waiting?
gulping it?

i'm sure lots of other people were in a similar situation before and none of solutions taken will ever be equal to any future decisions.
but it's just so hard....
i try to keep a diary in order to learn more about me.

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