Are we all doomed I ask myself. We can be open about it. Mindfall is located in Switzerland. A country amongst many others that suffer momentarily from high gas and oil prices. Everyone know why these prices are high. But that doesn't matter. Other things are more important. During September Switzerland is going to vote on some articles about additional environment taxes that would be used to invest in natural, re-usable, so-called green energy. Switzerland could make a lot of it. We could expand knowledge and research in the area of energy won through water. Rivers carry a lot of kinetic energy that could be turned into power. Solar energy is another keyword. And certainly another area where Switzerland could be leading worldwide if only the government subsidized solar energy. Granted, it's not that simple. But the idea behind it is, which leads us right back to the starting point of Doomed?
The oil and gas shortage we experience now is only artificial. Nonetheless it shows how much we depend on a constant availability of these fossile resources. Right now (savior this sentence, it will be valid for a long time) there are more human beings walking on the surface of Earth than have ever done before. Due to modern consumism the need for and the usage of fossile resources will grow accordingly. But these resources are finite meaning limited. As long as we don't find a way to produce these resources artificially we will have to get along with what nature provides us with. I'm sure you know that oil is the end result of a very long process of conservation. So... what will we do if we run out of oil for good? Protest against the government again? No politician will then be able to solve the problem no matter how demagogical and or prolific (s)he is.

That's why we should start right now to invest in solar energy and water-powered energy. Given the long time goverments and concerns need to adjust to new economical and ecological standards it may already be well too late. I read in the newspaper today that global warming might warm up the earth not by 3.5 but 5 degree celsius or fahrenheit, it doesn't matter. that will certainly have a larger impact on global icecaps than assumed. if water level only rises by a meter already 30% of inhabited land will be flooded. And there's still population growth...

Let's recount:

Global warming => melted icecaps => flooded inhabited coastal areas =>less space for more people (population growth) => less space for animals and plants => less plants => less transformation of carbon dioxide to oxygen
Global warming => deserts widen rapidly => large parts of africa, australia, south and middle america and asia will become uninhabited => even less space for more people

no oil left => wars or econmical still stand at least until technology has evolved so far that today's standards mobility can be replaced by the technology

Sorry to sound desperate but I'm losing faith in humanity and its insatiable greed for mobility, luxury, supremacy and the like.

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