stress (29.10.2000)

this is something that happened to me a few days ago. it was a very hard time at the office and we had waaayyy too much to do. anyway, for some reasons i didn't mind to put in some extra work. maybe it was because it was the last time for sure because i left that company at the end of this month.
others were putting in extra time as well. i'm talking about about working two weeks straight, no weekend, sixty hours per week.
so, one of my co-workers, told me that his son had called him which i estimate to be about seven or eight years old. s told me his son was crying "daddy, i haven't seen you for two weeks now. can't you just ask your boss whether you could leave a bit earlier today?"
from my point of view this has two sides: first it's cute a child can react like that and it's certainly a compliment to s as a father. the other side is: if you have a family, no matter what you work, there should be time for your family. no matter what deadline is ahead, stuff like that just isn't meant to be.

does that mean single people should work harder to make it up for those who have a family? i hope not...

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