i can't resist but put a word in about big brother which is now held in several countries and deemed a huge success wherever it's started. why is it such a success? i can't help but wonder... the recipe is very simple. put ten people in a cage, force them to interact and let a crowd of brainless people decide who is allowed to continue his or her imprisonment.
now what the heck is interesting about that? watching ten or less people for hundred days in a narrow environment? i had that in military service. it's not really good... some call it 'an observation on real life' and thus a good experiment. come on. unless you're an astronaut you'll never get into that situation.

the thing that disturbs me most is that there are 'fans' of that stuff. what about can you be a fan in that business? the container. yeah, what an architecture! we should preserve that for our descendants... the participants? very likely so, but how stupid. business experts estimate some kind of financial value about this people to be about a million this year but next year zero, nada, nil. which means that the interest of the public in these people will continually decrease until there is nothing left. how could that be? didn't they perform some heroic task that will keep us in awe for the next decade? obviously not... if that is not the case it must mean that a quickly-forgetting public has already turned its hungry eyes toward another would-be-spectacle that keeps too many of otherwise thinking, critical individuals in its fangs.

what a pity...

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