age (04.02.2002)

recently, i had to witness the devastating effect old age can have on you.
together with a friend we saw an elderly couple leaving a drugstore with the intention of crossing the street. she managed to do so quite well using her kane and everything that gave her some steadyness whereas he fell down twice (!) simply trying to walk a few steps. two employees of the drugstore helped the gentleman to his feet again only to repeat this action because, as i mentioned, he didn't make it very far.
first of all i was shocked because i do not often have contact with elderly or sick people and this sight was a) unusual for me and b) made me seriously doubt that this couple might make it back home safely.
the scene was taking place in one of the more run down quarters of zurich (yep, that exists). a place rather associated with prostitution and drug-dealing than friendliness towards older people.
what if other people are not as helpful, simply don't care?

what do you think about age? do you fear the time when you won't be able to go out whenever you want to simply because you can't anymore? is physical decay something you can look straight in the eye and accept it without lamenting?

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