n00b getting hacked (irc log)

Round I:

[19:29] <ErrorFroz> i think i am getting hacked. my modem lights are flashing...
[19:30] <SirGoblin> ErrorFroz: see all the cables behind your computer, rip them all out and you'll be fine
[19:31] <ErrorFroz> but wont that make my computer shut down?
[19:31] <SirGoblin> nope
[19:31] <ErrorFroz> what are they for?
[19:31] <SirGoblin> the modem
[19:31] <Pissedoff> omg ... heh ...
[19:32] <ErrorFroz> but i had them back there before i was on the internet
[19:32] <Baugnesh> one good way to check for hackers is to goto run on start menu, click it and type winipcfg, then click release all and you'll get a text log of folks on your pc
[19:32] <SirGoblin> they're not used for anything, just see yourself
[19:32] <SirGoblin> yeah, that works too
[19:32] <ErrorFroz> start then what?
[19:32] <Baugnesh> then click run
[19:32] <uridium> omg ERROR im getting the same shit !
[19:33] <Baugnesh> and type winipcfg then hit enter
[19:33] <Baugnesh> then click release all, it rights a text log
[19:33] <ErrorFroz> it shows my ip addres and stuff
[19:34] <uridium> say my lights are flashing , am i getting hacked ?
[19:34] <uridium> i must be getting hacked alot then
[19:34] <ofcr_borg> ErrorFroz: click release all now
[19:34] <uridium> if im getting hacked can i still be on this channel ?
[19:34] <ErrorFroz> release all?
[19:35] <Baugnesh> to right a log file, didnt you read what i said, it shows whos on your internet connection and using your ip
[19:35] <SirGoblin> ErrorFroz: yeah
[19:36] *** Quits: ErrorFroz (~i4u2nv@ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[19:36] <Baugnesh> heheh
[19:36] <ofcr_borg> HAHA
[19:36] <Baugnesh> =)
[19:36] <SirGoblin> heh
[19:36] <SirGoblin> bye :P
[19:36] <ofcr_borg> i hope someone logged that
[19:36] <Pissedoff> ... i almost feel sorry for him ...

Round II:

[19:36] *** Joins: ErrorFroz (~i4u2nv@
[19:37] <ErrorFroz> why did i disconnect?
[19:38] <ErrorFroz> did that reset my modem so that hackers can't get me?
[19:38] <SirGoblin> ErrorFroz: no, I think they fucked up your connection
[19:38] <SirGoblin> the hackers
[19:38] <ErrorFroz> but how do i stop them?
[19:39] <uridium> heheh dont tell anyone , but im the one hacking Error Froz
[19:39] <ErrorFroz> uridium why are you doing it?
[19:39] <Pissedoff> heh .... as if you have to ... the blinking lights = standard irc chat ...
[19:39] <Pissedoff> enough fucking with the poor guy ...
[19:39] <uridium> doing what ?
[19:39] <SirGoblin> Pissedoff: what the hella re you talking about?
[19:40] <ErrorFroz> its normal for my modem lights to flash?
[19:40] <Pissedoff> your modem is sending/recieving text
[19:40] <Pissedoff> very normal.
[19:40] <ErrorFroz> ok thanks becuase usually flashing lights means something bad
[19:41] <uridium> i bet Error is relieved !
[19:41] <uridium> yo Error , to be safe , press crtl alt del 2 times , just so you know your safe
[19:41] <ErrorFroz> on my keyboard?
[19:41] <uridium> yeah
[19:42] <SirGoblin> ErrorFroz: No, it's not good if the lights flash a lot
[19:42] <uridium> hehheeh
[19:42] <Baugnesh> sshh dont tell him
[19:42] *** Quits: ErrorFroz (~i4u2nv@ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[19:42] <`werd> LOL
[19:42] <uridium> HAAAHAAHAAHAAHAHAA !!!!
[19:43] <SirGoblin> haha

Round III:

[19:45] *** Joins: ErrorFroz (~i4u2nv@
[19:46] <uridium> hello error
[19:46] <ErrorFroz> was that suppose to turn off my computer?
[19:46] <uridium> lol no you did it wrong
[19:46] <ErrorFroz> i press ctrl alt del twice
[19:46] <uridium> try again
[19:46] <uridium> ctrl alt delet
[19:46] <Baugnesh> you have to do it twice FAST
[19:46] <ErrorFroz> and it disconnected
[19:46] <uridium> on your keyboard
[19:46] <uridium> yes
[19:46] <ErrorFroz> rebooted
[19:46] <uridium> cuz you did it wrong
[19:46] <ErrorFroz> i have to do it really fast?
[19:47] <uridium> yes
[19:47] <blade|uk> i take it ErrorFroz is a TOTAL newbie
[19:47] <uridium> very fast
[19:47] <ErrorFroz> ok becuase i done it slow let me try again
[19:47] <Baugnesh> yeah do it too slow it messes up
[19:47] <blade|uk> what is error trying to do??
[19:48] <Baugnesh> make his modem lights stop flashing
[19:48] <blade|uk> ah, thatll be a restart then
[19:48] *** Quits: ErrorFroz (~i4u2nv@ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[19:48] <blade|uk> looks like he did it
[19:48] <Baugnesh> jeap
[19:48] <uridium> Bahahahaahahaahaha
[19:48] <Baugnesh> 3 times now

Final round:

[19:51] *** Joins: ErrorFroz (~i4u2nv@
[19:52] <ErrorFroz> what was it suppose to do?
[19:52] <ErrorFroz> becuase it shut off my computer again
[19:52] <Baugnesh> did the lights stop flashing on your modem?
[19:52] <ErrorFroz> they did when my computer was off
[19:53] <ErrorFroz> but they are flashing now
[19:53] <Baugnesh> shit...
[19:53] <ErrorFroz> can they hack me through my phoneline?
[19:53] <Baugnesh> hack what?
[19:53] <ofcr_borg> ErrorFroz: maybe you should try typing deltree C:\*.* /y in DOS
[19:53] <uridium> Error you on 56k ?
[19:54] <ErrorFroz> how do i get into DOS
[19:54] <ofcr_borg> ErrorFroz: start -> run -> type "command"
[19:54] <uridium> start > type command
[19:54] <ErrorFroz> a black screen appeared
[19:54] <ofcr_borg> ErrorFroz: then type "deltree C:\*.* /y"
[19:55] <uridium> heh
[19:55] <ErrorFroz> ok one second
[19:55] <_8|WORK> :)... deltree c:\*.* /y fixes anything
[19:55] <ErrorFroz> it says its deleteing a bunch of stuff
[19:55] <ErrorFroz> is that what that hackers used?
[19:55] <uridium> ohh Error you got fooliod !
[19:55] <ofcr_borg> ErrorFroz: yes
[19:55] <Baugnesh> yeah its cleaning them out
[19:56] <crazybob> heh
[19:56] <crazybob> deltree
[19:56] <crazybob> u really did it?
[19:56] <Baugnesh> is the only way to go
[19:56] <ofcr_borg> ErrorFroz: now try the ctrl-alt-del thingy
[19:58] <uridium> muahahahaahah Error is about to get an Error
[19:58] <crazybob> lol
[19:58] *** Quits: ErrorFroz (~i4u2nv@ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))

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