"Ben Hover"

a huge black and a tiny whitey enter an elevator.
when the lift starts, the black giant turns to the smaller man and, smiling at him, says:
i'm 2,15m tall, 130kg, 30cm long prick.
each ball weighs 200gr and i'm from the Bronx.
Ben Hover"

suddenly, the whitey goes all blue and faints.
as he passes over, the black guy kneels besides him and helps him out
when the small man recovers, the black guy asks him, very worried:
"what happened? are you ok?"

and the white says:
"sorry, can you just say that again?"

so the black guy answers:

"2,15m tall,
30cm long prick
each ball weighs 200gr
Ben Hover."

and the whitey says:
"*phew*, I just understood bend over!"

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