october 2004:

i've been in japan now for almost five months (!), since april. time flies like the wind.... and fruit flies like fruit. salutes to benny hill - he wrote that joke. may he be happy where he is now. unfortunately he died from a heartattack in front of the television.

somehow i survived the summer here - it's been incredibly humid and hot. much more so than in switzerland and of course i'm not used to the heat. i got a haircut - i still don't look like my avatar but much closer.

saturday, august 30st 2004, a day where a dream seemed to come true. i spent the weekend with some friends on an island in the bay of nagoya. we had some good talks and two times it felt like a japanese movie where people sit at the beach (mostly a man and a woman actually) and share some philosphical thoughts and it's all rather moving and makes you want to go there. well, guess what. i've been there (done that but didn't get the t-shirt) and the moment i realized it - i was incredibly ureshii! one of the happiest moments so far while being in japan.

heat-wise, the worst seems to be over and it's getting cooler again. no daylight time saving so it goes dark pretty quickly in the evening. 18:35 - it's all dark.

in october i'll be studying japanese here for probably six months. after that, who knows... life has already played tricks on me since i came here so it's likely there will be more of the same. deshou? (^_-)

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